New Product! - ProPEAT Fertilizer

ProPEAT 17-0-4 Carbon 90 Plus

Yard Mastery's ProPEAT 17-0-4 Carbon 90 Plus is packed with 17% Nitrogen and 50% Carbon to help keep your grass roots healthy and achieve that dark green color needed for lawn domination!

So what's so special about ProPEAT?

First off, as the name insinuates, ProPEAT has peat moss in the bag.

ProPEAT is 50% Carbon and all that Carbon is derived from peat moss. Adding Carbon to your soil will help increase root growth, nutrient uptake, and overall grass quality.

Peat moss can also absorb 7 times its weight in water and that leads ProPEAT to have incredibly high water retention.

Finally, that peat is PACKED with micronutrients which are like vitamins for your lawn.

Getting ProPEAT is like purchasing 4 products in 1. You get a balanced fertilizer, micronutrients, water retention product, and a carbon source similar to humates.

All in an easy spreadable homogeneous granular prill so you get an even distribution of nutrients across the lawn.

ProPEAT Lawn Fertilizer | Yard Mastery


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