New Product Release- Summer Stress / Macro-Micro Blend

7-0-20 Summer Stress Blend & 24-4-8 Micro-Macro Blend

Today we are introducing 2 new products to the Yard Mastery line of granular fertilizers. These are both in 20lb bags and cover 6,666 sq ft.

The first Summer Stress Blend granular fertilizer. There are three ways you may want to use it.

First, if you have a soil test indicating you are low in potassium, then Summer Stress Blend can help to correct that as it contains 20% potash which is much higher than most other products we carry. Apply twice in summer and retest in fall to see where your levels reside.

The second is for those who have lawns recovering from disease or insect stress, or currently suffering heat stress. Potassium helps plants in times of stress and all three of these conditions can hit in summer.

Third, you may just want to utilize this one if you want to slow play your way through summer, keeping the lawn green without pushing too much unwanted top growth. The 7% N is there to help keep the color, along with a full stack of minor nutrients including zinc, boron, manganese and 3% iron which also helps the lawn stay green in summer.

Summer Stress Blend also contains a small amount of natural bio-solids (similar to Milorganite) which gives is the smell of success. (don’t stick your nose in the bag! Wait for the scent when you apply it)

The Macro-Micro Blend granular fertilizer is a complete fertilizer containing a full complement of macronutrients needed for healthy lawns, along with a small side of minors to help balance out the bottom end. If you are looking for an all around, complete fertilizer to apply to your lawn, this product will bring outstanding visual results quickly. 24% nitrogen is one of the highest we carry and will give the lawn a very nice green color. Be sure to water it in so it gets into the soil.

Price includes shipping to your door!


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