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Meet Jeremy of The Greener Lawn

Jeremy of The Greener Lawn is one of the OGs of our community. It has been really awesome to watch his progression over the last few years to where he now does some private coaching for folks just learning lawn care.

In today's featured creator video, you can see Jeremy applying his patented "Power Hit" but now it's boosted with a fresh new granular fertilizer and he calls it the "SUPER Power Hit"

Check out the video using the link above as well as
Jeremy's The Greener Lawn YouTube channel.

Products used in this video:

ProPeat 17-0-4 granular fertilizer.
Non-burning, greens grade, easy to apply and works VERY fast after a light watering, ProPeat adds carbon to the soil and a whole lot more. If you have been using Milorganite and are looking for a changeup, this is a great choice, now on sale for $59.99 down from $64.99.

D-Thatch, Air-8 and RGS - all found in the Soil Activator Pack. Additionally, this pack contains a gallon of 7-0-0 Greene Effect which is the only product we carry from Greene County that has foliar absorption. It's formulated with citric acid that makes it so when you spray it, it sticks to the grass blades and the nutrients are taken in directly through the foliage for a VERY fast green up. Hence the name "Greene Effect."

Need even more info, feel free to email Jeremy about his coaching program directly Jeremyofthegreenerlawn@gmail.com

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