New Product Release - CytoGro/SeaXtra


We are excited to announce yet another addition to the Yard Mastery store, a bio-stimulant called CytoGro. This is a product from our friends at Ecologel (makers of Hydretain).

CytoGro is a highly potent bio-stimulant formulated from seaweed and is used to promote roots and shoots. CytoGro is a professional product and is highly concentrated. Use rates are .8oz/1000 for an initial application and .4oz/1000 monthly thereafter. Read that again, .4oz/1000 is the monthly suggested rate. That means this quart size bottle can cover 80,000 sq ft. Keep this in mind when you look at the price, this small bottle covers 80,000 sq ft. (for reference, an acre is 43,500 sq ft)

You can apply via hose end sprayer like the Ortho Dial-N-Spray or in a pump sprayer mixing .4oz of concentrate into 1 gallon of water - that gallon of spray mix will cover 1,000 sq ft.

FYI – In a limited number of states where CytoGro is not available, you may receive SeaXtra Nutritional Supplement. SeaXtra is formulated with the same high-quality Ascophyllum nodosum harvested from the same sources as CytoGro. Recommended application rates are the same. We carry both CytoGro and SeaXtra to satisfy the needs of all of our customers. When you order, the proper one will be sent to you based on the state you live in.

WARNING: This product is highly potent (concentrated). For best results follow the manufacturers recommended application rates of .8oz/1000 for your initial application and .4oz/1000 monthly.

Price includes shipping to your door!

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