Product Highlight - XSoil

X-SOIL What Is It Good For?

X-Soil is a soil amendment we carry from our friends at the Carbon Earth Company. It is a soil amendment that can be used on all grass types at any time of year with no fear of burning the lawn or harming the soil.

In fact, it’s just the opposite - this product is great in the heat of summer and is recommended to be applied at higher rates of 10-20 lbs/1,000 sq ft.

X-SOIL is essentially the base material of all Carbon Earth products, bio-char infused with chicken litter and coated with root promoting peptides.

The bio-char being infused with chicken litter is the secret.

That is because raw bio-char alone will actually draw the nutrients out of the soil and away from the grass plants, however, the folks at Carbon Earth have found that when they first infuse the bio-char with chicken litter, it has the opposite effect. It instead slowly releases all the nutrients TO the plant.
If you want a more technical breakdown and even see inside the plant where it’s processed, check out this video from founder, Matt Martin:

X-SOIL comes as a granular, easy to spread on the lawn, but as soon as it gets wet, it turns into a super nutritive “soil” that significantly increases carbon in the soil.

We recommend watering it in after application.

Here is what it looks like just minutes after being exposed to water:

X-Soil comes in 45 lb bags and covers 4,500 sq ft at the lower recommended rate of 10 lbs/1,000 sq ft.

You can also use it as an amendment for grass seeding in the fall. Works great in gardens and landscape beds as well.

Smells like success immediately after application, but that only lingers for an hour or so.

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