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Meet Brandon from Bush League Lawns

We are excited to announce a new product line now being offered on the Yard Mastery website! Ecologel, the makers of Hydretain and CytoGro/SeaXtra are now releasing their line of professional golf products to the DIY market: BioPro.

For a great overview of the 4 staple products, Brandon from Bush League Lawns put together this video and applied them.

Note: In this video Brandon has 2.5 gallon jugs - Yard Mastery is currently offering single 1 gallon jugs and will be adding those down the road. Once demand picks up, we will also add a “build-a-box” function for 4 packs.

For now, if you are looking for a good starter for summer, the Multi-Purpose-Plus product is well rounded for the heat.

  1. It contains small amounts of nitrogen and potassium (4-0-2) as well as chelated iron, manganese and magnesium. These are not in high enough concentrations to pop the lawn green, but they are there to help sustain color when high nitrogen flushes are not wanted (such as in summer).
  2. Secondly it contains SeaXtra (sea kelp extracts) which are root stimulating.
  3. Third, it contains the same active ingredients that are found in Hydretain moisture manager. Yes, Hydretain is included in the mix.

Multi-Purpose-Plus is meant to be applied at 6oz/1000 every 2-3 weeks in summer to help the lawn through heat stress and drought. That means a 1 gallon jug will cover 21,333 sq ft. If you have a 5,000 sq ft lawn you would get 4 applications from one gallon and if you separate those by 3 weeks you will have 12 weeks of applications to complete which gets you through the summer.

It can be applied via hose end sprayer or backpack/pump sprayer and should be watered in right away with at least ¼” of water or rainfall.

We are excited to be able to offer these great products to DIYers and look forward to see your results in using them.

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