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Meet Chuck with D.A.D, Dadding All Day

Have you heard of the "Double Dark" lawn cocktail? If not, you can check out this video by our friend Chuck from "Dadding All Day" as he applies it to his lawn.

Check out the video using the link above as well as
Chuck's Dadding All Day YouTube channel.

You can also see some strong results here with Justin T's Centipede in Foley, AL showing domination from his "Double Dark" application:

The Double Dark is a mix of the 0-0-2 MicroGreene and the 7-0-0 Greene Effect. Both contain iron but much more. MicroGreene has a full stack of minor elements that are great for summer. It also has humic acid as a carbon source and sea kelp to stimulate roots.

The Greene Effect is a unique product in that it contains small amounts of nitrogen coupled with high iron and fortified with citric acid. Citric acid allows the product to absorb through the foliage of grass blades. This is the only product in the Greene County line with this additive. The foliar absorption happens within 30 minutes so you can water the application in after that amount of time. 6oz of MicroGreene and 6oz of Greene Effect in 1 gallon of water covers 1,000 sq ft.

You can apply this every 4 weeks in summer to keep the lawn's color without pushing growth. You will see results within 7 days of application, probably even sooner.

We realize that the link above is for 2.5 gallons of each product and that may be alot for you. We will be adding a "build-a-box" feature to the Yard Mastery store but until we are able to get the code written, you can build your own box of 4 gallons here on The Lawn Care Nut if you only need a small amount and want to get some other products too.

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