Meet Bermuda Brian

Meet Bermuda Brian

This week we are happy to feature Bermuda Brian and his summer lawn care regimen. He has just come off a summer scalp and is using the ProPeat Carbon90 Plus to help it green back up and start running again:

Check out the video using the link above as well as
Bermuda Brian's YouTube channel!

ProPeat is an excellent fertilizer that works to green up your lawn very quickly. Results can be seen within 4-5 days here in the summer.

17-0-4 Greens Grade - perfect for warm season Bermuda, St Augustine and Zoysia. If you need a good color pop that will also feed your soil, this is an excellent choice in summer. Now on sale for $39.99 for a 40lb bag, an excellent value.

13-5-8 - this is an excellent “all purpose” fertilizer for all lawns but can really help cool season turf green up after summer stress. With the cooler temps we are seeing across the country, this ProPeat product has what you need to get back on a greener track, fast. Very easy to apply and fast results within 4-5 days. This one is also on sale now for $39.99 for a 40lb bag.

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