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Meet Johnny Roton with Florida Lawns

This week we are featuring creator Johnny Roton and his beautiful St Augustine yard. He recently applied 7-0-20 Summer Stress Blend as a way to give his lawn a boost of micros and potash heading into summer. You can see some closeup shots of the blend and see all the various elements in the blend.

Check out the video using the link above as well as
Johnny's Florida Lawns YouTube channel.

The 7-0-20 Summer Stress blend is great for all grass types in summer. The recommended "bag rate" is 3lbs/1000 sq ft which yields a slow and low amount of nitrogen but pushes heavier potassium than most other fertilizers on the market. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find any fert at the store with this much potassium.

Additionally, it's got a full stack of micronutrients for support during summer heat.

This is a 20lb bag that will cover 6,666 sq ft if you follow the recommended bag rate. Scotts and Earthway spreader settings included on the bag.

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