Featured Creator - Russell Polo of Lawn Journeys

Meet Russell Polo of Lawn Journeys

This week we are happy to feature Russell Polo of Lawn Journeys. Besides his super awesome New Jersey accent, Russ has become known as an excellent resource for detailed reviews of lawn products. He really does his homework.

Here is his video review of our 7-0-20 Summer Stress Blend fertilizer, complete with before and after footage:


Check out the video using the link above as well as
Russell's Lawn Journeys YouTube channel!

This is a new release for us here in 2020 and the results we have been seeing are nothing short of awesome. Slow release nitrogen, micronutrients and 20% potash make this is a nice “slow play” in summer and the price point is approachable for smaller lawns. 20lb bag covers 6,666 sq ft.

If your lawn has suffered from the last several weeks of heat, the Yard Mastery Summer Stress Blend is a great choice to help it in recovery and moving forward into the dog days of summer.

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