New Product! - CytoGrow/SeaXtra

In today’s product spotlight we are going to feature a few different items that you may want to consider utilizing through August and into September.


This is a bio-stimulant from our friends at EcoloGel, makers of Hydretain, and it works purely to increase growth in grass plants without creating unhealthy flushes of top growth. The cytokinins in this product are extracted from seaweed and when applied to lawns to stimulate rooting. More roots allow more uptake of water and nutrients from the soil and that is why these types of bio-stimulants are sold to help lawns during stress from heat and drought.

Now keep in mind, you still need moisture. If there is no water whatsoever hitting the lawn, then this product will not help. However, if you are watering as best you can, and the lawn is at least being mowed every 7-10 days, then adding CytoGrow/SeaXtra to your lawn monthly can help it, especially when it comes to fall recovery.

Bermuda, Zoysia, St Augustine, Centipede and Bahia lawns are in their peak growth right now. This is when they are growing thicker and filling in thin areas, as well as storing up energy for the fall and winter ahead. The more roots you get now, the faster this can occur.
Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and turf type tall fescue may be struggling right now. If you are still facing temperatures over 90 degrees and your lawn is struggling, CytoGrow/SeaXtra can help. This does assume that you are still watering as much as you can and the lawn isn’t completely dormant. On the other hand, if your lawn is hanging nice and green and doing well, this product can help it to make even more gains leading up to the big growth push this fall.

SOP - Sulfate of Potash
We introduced our Yard Mastery SOP just last week. This is a product that comes in at a 0-0-48 analysis and is very easy on turf. Just like CytoGrow above, potassium is another way to help lawns in stress and the low salt index of SOP means it won’t burn the lawn so you can confidently apply it in summer. Potassium plays a major roll in water retention inside the grass plant and helps maintain turgor pressure. (water pressure within cells) If your lawn is “laying down” chances are a shot of potassium can help it.

If you have a potassium deficiency (based on a soil test), experts almost always recommend SOP as a way to help correct this condition. You can apply this product every 2-3 weeks during summer and we recommend 3 applications maximum unless you have a soil test that indicates you should keep going.

Pre-Emergent - Dithiopyr
In the spring, we talk about pre-emergents to stop crabgrass. During that time we typically use prodiamine as our pre-emergent against it. However, there are some yearly maximums with that product and if you have cool season turf you have probably used up your allotment. This is why we recommend dithiopyr for fall pre-emergent. It is the very same chemical class and works just about the same, but allow much more “pounds on the ground” for the year.

If your lawn is sufficiently thick already and you do not plan to aerate or overseed, then it’s a smart idea to apply dithiopyr pre-emergent as soil temperatures fall to 70F heading out of summer and into fall.

This pre-emergent application is even MORE critical for bermuda, St Augustine, zoysia, centipede and bahia. This is because warm season lawns will start to wind down and slow and cease groth as soil temps fall to 70F coming out of summer. As they slow down, opportunistic weeds that prefer cooler temperatures will begin to appear. The primary being poa annua (annual bluegrass), henbit, hairy bittercress, and chickweed. As your warm season turf turns more and more tan and brown in the winter (dormancy) these invaders will turn greener and greener, because remember, in the south, the soil never sleeps, and that means, weed will grow. Dithiopyr is a way to stop them. Feel free to apply at 3lbs/1000 every 90 days as long as the soil is not frozen.

If you want to know when your soil temps fall to 70 heading into fall, pick up our free app which gives you the real time and predicted soil temps for your city, neighborhood, or even your exact street. Apple App Store here. Google Play Store here.

It’s never too early to set up your defensive strategy so when it comes time for offense, you can truly go, on offense. Thrower’ Down!

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