New Product! - Sulfate of Potash (SOP) supplement

Sulfate of Potash (SOP)

Today we are happy to announce a new entry into the online marketplace, a sulfate of potash (SOP) supplement coming in a 0-0-48 analysis. This product is designed for those of you who have soil tests that indicate you have a potassium deficiency in your soil. It is not designed to change the color of the lawn - it is purely made to correct potassium deficiencies.

This formulation has a low salt index and will not burn the lawn - can be applied in high heat of summer or during fall or spring. It has been specifically formulated with a polymer coating to control the release but also to cut down on dust and give you a consistent prill that makes it easy to apply from any spreader.

Sulfate of Potash | Yard Mastery


The bag is 24lbs and is $59.99 delivered. If you look for sulfate of potash anywhere else online, the price is going to be $5-$7 per pound ($120 - $168 for 24lbs) and won’t be in prills this nice. We are very fortunate and happy to have found a quality supplier that helps us bring this product to you, the DIYer, affordably.

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